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Working for integral reparation is our commitment.

On this page, you will learn about some of our initiatives aimed at improving the well-being and quality of life of the communities impacted by the collapse of Dam I, in Brumadinho, and by the emergency evacuations.

See where we operate

  • Brumadinho
  • Mário Campos
  • Sarzedo
  • Barão de Cocais
  • Nova Lima
  • São Joaquim de Bicas
  • Pará de Minas
  • Pompéu
  • Fortuna de Minas
  • Morada Nova de Minas
  • Papagaios
  • Pequi
  • Curvelo
  • Esmeraldas
  • Igarapé
  • Itabirito
  • Ouro Preto

Support for Primary Health Care

Health Cycle

The program contributes directly to strengthening the Primary Health Care Network of 15 municipalities in Minas Gerais through technical cooperation between sectors, aligned with the national public policy.

Photo of a healthcare professional holding a child's arm with one hand and applying an injection with the other. Both are wearing face masks. Photo of a healthcare professional holding a child's arm with one hand and applying an injection with the other. Both are wearing face masks. Photo: Vale's Archive

Understand what we do

  • Crew

We provide instruments and furniture to improve diagnosis and clinical practice.

  • Health Care Promotion and Education

We qualified multipliers and health professionals who work in the Family Health Strategy (FHS) teams on topics of care, prevention and health promotion.

  • Support for Primary Health Care Management

We reinforce the capacity of local management, as well as support for computerization and integrated information management to support, control and organize the services provided by the UBS´s.

A woman in a gray shirt, jeans, a badge and two face masks making a presentation supported by a big screen, which is behind her. In front of her, there are a few people sitting watching what is being shown on the big screen.

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Cycle in progress

Cycle finished

Check out the balance of the reparation


UBS served


thousand pieces of equipment delivered

delivered including care items such as oximeters, vaccine boxes, dental equipment, electrocardiographs, notebooks, and furniture


thousand professionals trained

of health care were trained


workshops held

already given with over 1,400 hours of training


thousand hours of training


Young Health Builders trained

in Health were trained

Watch the video about the program to learn more

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Health Care Unit

Among the proposed improvements are urban infrastructure works and public facilities, which are defined based on actively listening to the voice of the communities and in partnership with the government.

To date, two regions, Brumadinho and Mário Campos, are benefiting from the construction of Health Care Units.
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Having the health unit here is very good. We are being very well attended by the municipality, there is a doctor and a very good dentist too. Everything is new and well taken care of.

Silei Matias Aguiar

resident of Parque Cachoeira (Brumadinho)

Explore the spaces

Parque da Cachoeira – Brumadinho

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  • 7 consultation rooms
    Three general practice offices, gynaecological office, dental office with a room for brushing teeth, vaccination room and procedure room;

  • 3 service rooms
    Sanitation room, supplies room and pharmacy.

  • 5 shared spaces
    Breakroom for the staff, women's locker room, men's locker room, women's bathroom and men's bathroom (including for PwD);

  • 6 administrative rooms
    Reception area, waiting room, screening room, agent room, warehouse and meeting room.

  • 5 consultation rooms
    Three general practice offices, gynaecological office, and dental office with a room for brushing, wound dressing room and basic care room;

  • 4 service rooms
    Sterilization room, supplies room, pharmacy and waste shelter and zoonosis control;

  • 5 spaces for administrative areas
    Reception area, waiting room, agent room, warehouse and meeting room;

  • 5 shared spaces
    Breakroom for the staff, women's locker room, men's locker room, women's bathroom and men's bathroom (including for PwD).

Mário Campos

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Psychosocial support

Family Reference Program

Since 2019, the program has offered psychosocial support and active care to families in all municipalities affected by the dam collapse or involuntary removals. Members of the family nucleus are monitored through a professional called Family Reference, until they have reached a degree of autonomy that allows them to follow their routine independently.

"Being able to be present in a person's life, in light of the fragility in which they find themselves, and strengthen them in some way, makes a big difference. The Family Reference program provides this, with humanized and personalized psychosocial monitoring, based on the context of the members of each family and the identification of impacts, we draw up a systematic monitoring plan"

Roberta de Souza, Family Reference professional.

A big group of people, men and women, posing for a photo in front of a panel in a classroom. Photo: Vale's Archive

Balance sheet data:


families joined the program*


thousand people assisted


thousand consultations


follow-up completed

by the program had their follow-up completed*

*Data from May/22
Photo of a hand under fabric embroidered with colored threads. Photo of a hand under fabric embroidered with colored threads.

Photographer: XXXXX

Art therapy

Semeando Esperança [Sowing Hope]

Conducted since 2019, the project has already contributed to over 70 women redefine their pain of loss and grief through art therapy. Through the technique of free hand embroidery, they tell their life stories, their experiences and their relationship with the territory where they live in workshops held online, during the pandemic. They have produced a total of over 500 pieces. Between October and December 2021, Inhotim, in Brumadinho, received the “Histórias do Vivido – Sementes da Esperança” [Stories of Life - Seeds of Hope] exposition with the work of the students, including Geralda de Fátima Ribeiro Pereira.

Photo of a woman with short blond hair wearing a tank top and a face mask holding a book in front of her. Behind her, there are several paintings on the wall. Photo: Vale's Archive
When I´m embroidering, I don´t have bad thoughts. When I'm in the workshops with my colleagues, there's no sadness, everyone is always laughing, telling stories, it's the best. It is gratifying for people to see a story in what you have embroidered

Geralda de Fátima Ribeiro Pereira

Resident of Brumadinho

Full Assistance

PAIA program

In addition to the financial reparation of those affected, we are committed to full reparation. To date, over 13 thousand people have signed an indemnity agreement with Vale, between civil and labour. And to enable them to plan their future under the new economic and socioenvironmental conditions, the indemnified people have access to the Full Assistance Program for Affected People.

Photo of a hand handing over a key holder of a house to another hand.

Photo: Vale's Archive

Check out the fronts of the program

Photo of a woman with straight, long, dark hair sitting on a chair, looking straight ahead. She is wearing face mask and a badge.
  • Individualized care to families through a reference professional;
  • Support given through active and empathetic listening and articulation of the set of necessary assistance, identified during the consultation;
  • Referrals of psychological support demands for care in the public network. Vale has invested in strengthening municipal public policies, by transferring financial resources and equipment to ensure the best assistance to those affected.
Photo taken downwards of a table with two hands on it. One is pointing to different papers, and the other is pressing a key on a calculator.
  • Guidance on the conscious use of financial resources received in indemnities and/or donations, considering the domestic economy, promoting habits and daily attitudes appropriate to the individual and family profile;
  • Support to people and families in directing their finances, providing greater quality of life and autonomy through knowledge about financial education.
Elderly couple looking at a laptop. The woman is sitting typing and the man is standing with his hands behind her back.
  • Identification and analysis of the documentary situation of the properties of interest;
  • Conducting inspections at the properties of interest to certify their housing and/or production/marketing conditions;
  • Support in the search for property with a good location, close to schools, basic health care units, among others;
  • Support in moving to the new property.
An elderly man smiling at the camera with one hand holding an ax. Behind him, there are several plantations.
  • Analysis of the productive capacity of the business and initial study of economic viability, which will support the decision of the individual or family nucleus to create a business plan for productive resumption of the rural property management, fiscal and tax responsibilities;
  • Preparation of business plans for the individual and collective rural and/or urban productive recovery, which support rural properties and allow quality of life for people.

Over 4,000 people have already been served by the program, which is voluntary, free and available to everyone who is entitled to financial compensation.

Photo of Flavia Lerman sitting on the arm of the sofa smiling at the camera. She has long, straight, blond hair and is wearing a long dress with flowers. Photo: Vale's Archive
I really had no control over my financial life, I learned a lot. This program helped me a lot, not only to organize my financial life, but also to buy my property, ensuring that I was safe when acquiring it and that I would not have any problems in the future. I started with the financial education course. After eight classes, I learned to save and invest

Flávia Lerman

Active community participation

Strengthening Social Participation

Exercising citizenship, in a democratic manner, is capable of making society more integrated, prosperous and developed. It is with this belief that the Strengthening Social Participation project has given community leaders in 10 municipalities qualification and training on topics such as ethics, politics and citizenship, notions of public management, among others. The objective is to contribute to the exercise of consciousness and the practice of rights and obligations of citizens and public authority in the community.

Photo upwards of a woman with her arms crossed smiling at camera. She has dark, straight, medium-long hair. Behind her, there are a building, cars and trees.

Photo: Vale's Archive

Portrait of Roziane Duarte smiling at the camera. She has her arms crossed, she is wearing glasses, a big necklace and her hair is tied up. Photo: Vale's Archive
I hope to contribute to the growth of our district. The power is in the hands of the people, and we need to know how to use it

Roziane Duarte,

participating community leader in Angueretá, district of Curvelo.

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Knowledge Tracks

Sport and Leisure Tracks

Held in partnership with Sesi-MG, the initiative has contributed to training professionals linked to the public network or social organizations in the areas of education, social assistance and sports, since 2021. With support from the city government, the Knowledge, Sports and Leisure Tracks project promotes content and methodologies that recognize and stimulate the practice of physical exercise as a right, with an emphasis on promoting values and human development.

Photo of a boy smiling at camera while holding a basketball ball over his head. He has medium-long, straight, brown hair and is on a sports court.

Photo: Vale's Archive

Man smiling at camera, holding a clipboard and a pen. He has a beard and short, straight, brown hair. Behind him, there are two people doing physical exercises. Man smiling at camera, holding a clipboard and a pen. He has a beard and short, straight, brown hair. Behind him, there are two people doing physical exercises.

Photographer: XXXXX

See who can sign up

  • Educators and professionals who work in direct service to sports projects in the public or private school context;
  • Physical education professionals;
  • Promoters of physical activities with the community in these two municipalities;
  • Teachers who believe in the potential of playing as an element of dialogue and social transformation.
Photo of Lucilene smiling at the camera with several medals around her neck. Behind her, there is a shelf with prizes and sports balls. Photo: Vale's Archive
Participation in this program offers a lot of learning. In the meetings, we understand the value of respect and appreciation and learn never to give up on our goals, regardless of the barriers. It has been very good for the Gigantex family

Lucilene Matias,

responsible for the Gigantex social project in Antônio Pereira, Ouro Preto.

Creative Learning Tracks

The Creative Learning Knowledge Tracks began along with the 2022 school year, with an unprecedented proposal for five schools in Minas Gerais. The methodology was developed by Faber-Castell to stimulate innovation and problem solving, with a playful and creative environment in the classroom.

For the pedagogical teams of the schools to act as facilitators of the process, they will receive training and monitoring for three years, in addition to involvement of the students' families. 

A classroom with the light off and some points of light scattered around the desks, where there are colorful papers and pencils as well. A classroom with the light off and some points of light scattered around the desks, where there are colorful papers and pencils as well. Photo: Vale's Archive
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This methodology favours the development of a series of skills from the Common Core Curriculum (BNCC), the main one being creativity itself. Critical thinking, teamwork and the significant, reflective and ethical use of technology will also be worked on

Felipe Faria,

Vale's Social Responsibility analyst.

DIY – Do it Yourself

Galera Mão na Massa [Hands-on Crew]

Creativity and innovation also go hand in hand in the Galera Mão na Massa project. With Vale's partnership with EcoCreator, children and adolescents, aged 7 to 17, can enrol in free workshops in the areas of programming, robotics, 3D modelling and the internet of things, which take place between March and June 2022.

The goal is to transform young people into leaders of social, economic and human evolution. In free workshops, young people learn, for example, to model and 3D print, to create apps that solve everyday problems, fun robots that interact with the environment through sustainable sensors and virtual reality glasses.